From within your specific Mastermind page, click the Add New Session button.

  1. Give your session a name or topic

  2. Add any written session content here.

  3. Add any experts who will be participating as co-hosts on this session (including yourself).

  4. Select whether this will be a live session or a pre-recorded session

  5. (Optional) Add a placeholder image for your video. This is what students will see while they wait for the live session to start.

  6. Click Create Session to create your session

For a Live Session, you will need to select a date and time for your session. You will also need to select whether or not this will be Webinar Mode or not. Webinar Mode means that you are the only one who can present and speak. Students will only be able to participate through the chat.

**NOTE: Before you can go live with a session, your Mastermind will have to be in Live mode and not Draft mode.

For the Pre-Recorded Session you will need to upload or link to your video. The link for the video must be a direct download link from Amazon S3 or something similar. YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc are not supported.

Repeat this step as necessary.

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