To get students to join your Mastermind, you will need to first ensure that your Mastermind is live.

To get the direct link to your Mastermind, hover your mouse over More Actions and click Marketplace Preview.

Copy the URL from your browser's address bar. You can send this link to your students to have them join your mastermind.

They will need to create a account first and then they will be able to join the mastermind.

Once they have joined your mastermind, they will be brought to their account dashboard.

They will be able to see all of the masterminds to which they belong.

To join a session, they will need to click into your mastermind first.

They will be able to see all sessions off to the left. And once the live session has begun, they will be join. If the session has past or is pre-recorded, they will be able to view the video here.

You will be able to see the student view and interact in the chat by clicking the Preview link from your mastermind dashboard.

Members will be able to join the live session once you have:

1. Started the session on your end

2. Clicked the Go Live button in your live stream.

Once you have done this, students will be able to join the live session.

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