Pro Tip: Your thumbnail image should be at least 320px by 240px. If your image is larger than those dimensions, it should retain a 4:3 aspect ratio for optimal viewing.

Supported Image Types

You can add either .jpg, .png, or animated .gif images as your thumbnail.

Why do I need a thumbnail?

Your thumbnail is the image that displays on the Marketplace and is what will catch the eye of anyone browsing the marketplace.

It is important that you provide a high quality and eye-catching image.

It is also the image that will display on the individual listing page for your Mastermind below the course description.

How can I create a thumbnail image?

You can create your thumbnail image in something like Photoshop or a free tool like Canva or hire a designer to create the image for you.

How do I add the thumbnail image to my mastermind?

After you have created your thumbnail image, you can upload it to your mastermind when you first create the mastermind or by clicking the Edit Details link from the mastermind dashboard.

From there, click the image placeholder to upload your image.

You can drag and drop files from your computer here, click the Browse button, or link to an image directly with the URL by clicking the Web Address tab. You can also use your computer's webcam to take a photo for your thumbnail image if you like.

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