A trailer video is highly recommended because this is used as a sales video to sell what the course is about and to get people excited about your brand.

While we do not have a way in-app to make a video trailer, there are some great tools all around the internet that you can use such as:

1. https://biteable.com/trailer/

2. https://animoto.com/business/promo-video

Please note that there are some requirements for your trailer video. Please make that you are uploading the videos with the following requirements:

  1. The video size limit is Maximum size of 1 GB 1000 Megabytes ✔️

  2. The format that are accepted are: .mov .mp4 or .mkv

Once you have your trailer video made and all of the requirements have been met, you can upload the trailer in the "Edit Mastermind Details" under the "Trailer Video" option as shown here:

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