To begin to manage your members and their permissions, you will need to go to the members tab on your Mastermind portal.

From there, you can:

  1. "Filter" your members based on what Masterminds they are a part of.

  2. "Remove" them from your Organization as a whole.

  3. Lastly, you can view the "Settings" to further manage the permissions of your members.

From the "Settings" page, you can:

  1. "Grant Privileges" to your members based on whether you want them to be a member, admin, or both. (Members can only view Masterminds, Sessions, and participate in conversations. While Administrators can manage all account details, billing, and manage special privileges for other users.)

  2. Under "Enrolled Masterminds", add and remove them from Masterminds you want them to be a part of.

  3. You may add members here to join your Mastermind for free with an invite.

  4. Once the member accepted the invite you may then add them to the appropriate mastermind.

When you click on your Members Tab you can see:

1.) Name of the member

2.) Email connected to the member

3.) If they are a Mastermind owner or a member.

4.) You will see the name of the Mastermind they are added to.

5.) The price that was paid for the Mastermind.

6.) The date the member purchased the Mastermind.

If you wish to export your contacts you can find the option to export all contacts to the right of your screen.

You have to choose whether or not you want to export Members' list or Admin's list.

You will have two options to export your members. Either CSV

or Excel.

If you have members that have joined more than 1 Mastermind you will see that number under "Count" along with a Plus (+) sign that will help you expand and see all the masterminds for that one person.

Click onto the Plus or (+), and this will help you open the masterminds this meber or owner is attached to.

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