Claims in Your Mastermind Course require a reasonable basis. For example, a claim of increased health benefits from a supplement or nutrient; action; and/or health program must have scientific evidence to support it. A reasonable basis exists when you have support from the claim that is from a reliable source. Wikipedia and general search results from the internet do not constitute a reliable source. A reliable source would include scientific studies, published accredited materials, and generally acceptable practices. Basically, a source which could withstand criticism.

Furthermore, MasterMind is not responsible to verify the accuracy of the statements made in stories or “testimonials” shared in your advertisements. All testimonials shared in your advertisements require documentation. Substantiation of your content is a prerequisite of using such material in Your Mastermind Course. Even with substantiation you should avoid using testimonials that create an impression of typicality when they really represent the rare occasional client experience. In all cases where you use a testimonial it should be accompanied with a proper disclosure that the results shown “are not typical, are not guarantees, and the client’s results may vary.” The federal guidelines for using endorsements and testimonials in advertising is found at:

Complete Code of Ethics

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