In order to create an upsell, you will need at least two Masterminds that are live, that have been approved by Compliance, and have the same payment gateways connected to the Mastermind's ( Stripe or PayPal). You can also create an upsell for two Masterminds that are both free.

If you need help getting your Mastermind live, you can check out our Getting your Mastermind Ready to Go Live article.

First, click on the Upsells tab located on the left-hand side of your Account.

This will prompt your Upsell page. Click on Add New Upsell.

On the Upsell page, you can fill out the required information. You must have your Name, Public Title, Sub Heading, and Public Description filled out to save your upsell. Keep in mind this page your customers will view before purchasing your upgrade.

  1. List the Mastermind that you want to be used as an Upsell

  2. List the Mastermind that you want to be purchased first, and then followed with an upsell.

Once you have filled out your upsell page information, Click Create Upsell. You can go back, and click Confirmation Page.

Your customer will view your Confirmation page after they have purchased your Upsell. A Confirmation Message is required for this section. At the bottom of your Confirmation Page, you can select Create Upsell. You can edit your Upsell information at any time.

Once you click Create Upsell, you will see your Upsell Created on the Upsells page. You can click Preview to preview your Upsell, and Confirmation Page.

On the Upsells page, your customer can click "Click Here to Upgrade" to purchase your Upsell. Your customer can also click "Click here for more information" to be directed to the Directory to preview your Upsell Mastermind.

Preview for Confirmation Page:

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