Data Analytics can be a very valuable and useful tool when it comes to you and your Mastermind and deciding on what comes next. For this reason, we have made this information readily available and easily accessible. Below you'll find detailed steps on how and where to access this information.

Starting inside your list of Organizations (select the Switch Orgs tab if you are inside another Organization) find the Org with the "gear" wheel before the title and select it. This will be your main Organization.

Next, you'll want to access the Data Analytics page by selecting the Data Analytics button found under the Organizations tab.

Once on the Data Analytics page, you'll find that it has been broken down into 3 sub-categories, Visits, Sales, and Progress.

Under the Visits tab, you'll find information on how many visitors you've had to your Organization as a whole as well as broken down by individual Mastermind. It also analyzes where that traffic is coming from.

Under the Sales tab, you'll find information on Masterminds sold, Revenue generated, and if these are New or Returning Users to the platform.

Visits and Sales speak for themselves, however, Progress is referring to the progress made by the members of your Mastermind. And if you have multiple Masterminds, this information has been separated by Mastermind so that the information can be analyzed accordingly.

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