First, you will want to create your Opt-in Page.

You will have the option to keep your Opt-In page in draft until you are ready to send it out to the public.

You now have the ability to add videos to your option or images. We also added the ability to have color changes on your Opt-in button. Along with, Size and Padding.

Keep in mind that you will have the option to receive emails after the client opts in. You will need to mark this yes.

After they Opt-in you will now receive an email:

Optin Confirmation Page:

This is where your customers will land after they submit their information:

once the Opt-in is created you will see your page as shown below.

When a customer receives the Optin link they will enter their information.

After they click Opt-In, they will be pushed to your Confirmation page.

To find your Opt-ins you will want to go to your Members tab on your dashboard.

Click the Plus(+) sign to expand your list.

Once you see your list you will have the option to export them through CSV or Excel,

Make sure you double-check the list you are moving to ensure accuracy.

You will receive your list of opt-ins through an email from our team.

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