To make your mastermind go "Live" you should have at least "one live module" and "one published session".

For your Sessions:

  1. Click the Session Title

  2. Change the Status to Published

  3. Scroll all the way at the bottom and click Update Session

For your Modules:

  1. Click the Module Title

  2. Change the status to Live and click Update Module

*The red dots will turn green indicating that your session is published and your module is live.

When your done with that, go back to the "Edit Details" page of your mastermind course.

Then click "Live".

This will open more options below such as:

Pricing Options

Directory Options

  • You have the option to make your course searchable in the Directory or No.

  • Add Tags for filtering your Mastermind in the Directory.

  • Put your course in a specific category.

  • Limit the number of buyers to your Mastermind.

Note: Make sure to tick the small checkbox to make the "Update Mastermind" button clickable.

After all of that, you will be redirected back to the main page of your mastermind course with these yellow banners. Your Mastermind will automatically be placed under review by our Compliance Team. before it will go live in the Directory.


Every time you make edits to your Mastermind, it will be placed under review by our Compliance Team.

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