On the main page of your mastermind course, click on the "+" sign on the Modules section to reveal the sessions.

Click on the session title

On the Video Content Type section, click on "Live Session" to put in the Date & Time

Here, select between "Yes" or "No" for the Webinar Mode. Click on the Session Start Date & Time field to reveal the calendar.

Once done, click "Update Session"

To start your Live Session:

Click the animated thumbnail under "Video",

After you have started your Live Session, please make sure to give access to your Microphone and Camera. You can do this by clicking on the Audio and Video buttons on the bottom left.

Your browser will prompt you to allow your video and audio separately.

The recording will automatically start when your live session starts.

From this page, your can end your session and change the audio and video settings under the Settings button on the bottom-right.

After your live session has ended, the recording will be available for download within 24 hours.

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