First, go to the mastermind website.

Click "Login" to access the access the login page.

Type in your "Email" and "Password" the click "Sign In". If you don't remember your password, type-in your email then click "Forgot your Password" to receive a password reset link to your email.

Now, this is your Dashboard. You have all your tabs for quick access on the left side. All the masterminds your created will be shown under "My Created Products". While masterminds you purchased or you were given to will be under "My Owned Products".

The Mastermind Tabs

  • My Directory - This will direct you to the "Live" masterminds that you have in the Directory.

  • Directory - This is where all the "Live" masterminds are shown

  • Chat Notifications -

  • Dashboard - The quickest way to go back to the main page of your Mastermind account.

  • My Product - To quickly access the masterminds that you purchased or you were gifted.

  • Members - This is where you send out an invitation to give access to your mastermind for free.

  • Opt-ins - This is where you send out an invitation to people who wants to be part of your email campaign.

  • Upsell - Where you create and manage your upsells

  • Discounts/Coupons - Create and manage your Coupons and Discounts

  • Planners - To help you keep organized in creating your mastermind and to keep track of your progress.

  • Organization - Has everything you with regards to your organization. Manage Invites, Members, Subdomains, view Data Analytics for your organization, view your Billing & Usage and Switch Orgs.

  • Payment Gateways - Manage your chosen platform such as Stripe & PayPal

  • Contact Support - Reach out to us if you need further assistance

  • Community - Interact and share ideas with people around the world who uses the Mastermind Software

  • Feature Requests - Let our development team know about the features you want to be added to the mastermind platform

  • Articles & Docs - The Mastermind Help Center

We recommend you going through the bonus trainings as it will help you in getting started in creating your mastermind.

To access these trainings, click on "My Owned Products" then go to "Mastermind Start Fast Bonuses".

You'll be able to access the 14 Day Jump Start training with Dave Espino and the bonus trainings inside the (FREE) Your Extra Bonuses From Dean & Tony!.


The 14 day training is set to "Drip" out one lesson every 24 hours.

Proceed to the next article to learn how to create your first mastermind.

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