The very first thing you will want to do is go into your Payment Gateway.

Select Connect a New PayPal Account. If you already have a Business account on PayPal you will need to insert your Email and Password.

I don't have a PayPal Business Account?

If you do not have a PayPal Business account, the next step would be setting one up. The same goes for a new account to PayPal. You will need to create a Business Account to move forward.

You will need to give PayPal a little more information about your business.

Follow the steps and please reach out to for more help with creating a PayPal Business account.

Already have a PayPal Account?

If you already have a PayPal Account you will see the following:

Once you have completed your account you will see it added to your Payment Gateway.

After adding the PayPal account you will want to edit your mastermind details and when you are ready to go live you will see the option to add your PayPal account and price at the bottom of your edit page.

Add PayPal account:

If you have a Mastermind that is accepting Stripe you will want to make sure you

Once a customer finds your Mastermind in our Directory they will now have the option to use PayPal, PayPal credit, or Guest checkout with PayPal.

Please keep in mind PayPal Credit Is only available in the USA.

To learn more about PayPal Credit please click the link below.

How To Add Stripe:
From your Dashboard, click on Payment Gateway on the menu on the Left hand side of the page.

Click Connect New Stripe account

From here you can either sign into an existing Stripe account to connect it or complete the form to sign up for a new Stripe account.

If you sign in to an existing account, you will need to select which account you wish to connect (if you have multiple accounts under your login) and then click Connect my Stripe account.

Your Stripe account should now show under your Stripe Accounts menu.

You will now be able to select your Stripe account when setting up your Paid mastermind classes.

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