***Important: Make sure that you have connected a Payment Gateway to your mastermind account (Stripe or PayPal).

To connect a payment gateway:

Click the Payment Gateways tab

From here, choose a platform that you have an account with by clicking either the Connect New Stripe Account or Connect New PayPal Account button.

Once done, the email address associated with your chosen platform should be on the list of your connected payment gateways.

To choose a payment gateway for your mastermind:

  1. Go to the Edit Details page of your mastermind course

  2. Scroll down to Pricing Options

    From here, you will be able to:

    -Set your mastermind as a Free or Paid course

    -Choose the Payment Gateway you have connected (Stripe or PayPal)

    -Click the drop-down menu under Account Payment and choose which one you will be using to take payment for you mastermind

    -Choose whether you want your mastermind to be paid One Time or a Recurring payment

    -Set the Price and Currency

    Once you're done, scroll all the way down and make sure tick the Small Box then click Update Mastermind.

    Note: This option will only be available once you change the status of your mastermind to Live.

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