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What is the Compliance Review Process?
What is the Compliance Review Process?
Written by Sara
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Before Your Mastermind Course shows up on MasterMind, they are reviewed to make sure they meet our Compliance Policies. Typically, Your Mastermind Course(s) will be reviewed within 24-48 hours, although in some cases it may take longer. Your course must be set to "live" mode to be reviewed. If you switch Your Mastermind Course to "draft" mode it will be removed from the compliance review queue.

This review is not definitive in relieving you of any potential liability. Rather the review is completed to check you are following MasterMind's compliance policies. It is ultimately your responsibility to have your materials reviewed by a legal professional prior to publication.

Your Mastermind Course will either be accepted or denied.

  • Courses that are accepted are live on the directory. Please check the approval email as there may be some suggested edits or notes sent by the compliance team.

  • Courses that are denied will receive an email stating the updates or modifications that need to be made. Your Master Mind course may be resubmitted upon making modifications to adhere to the guidelines contained herein.

    • Please set Your Mastermind Course to "draft" mode until you complete all the necessary edits.

    • Once you have finished your edits and it is ready to be resubmitted for review please set Your Mastermind Course back to "live" mode.

Please review our Code of Ethics.

If you still have questions after reviewing the notes included in your denial email and/or the Code of Ethics please contact our compliance team at

Please ensure your course is set to "live" mode before emailing the compliance team and asking why your course was not reviewed or is not on the directory.

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