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Unsubstantiated Earnings Claims
Unsubstantiated Earnings Claims
Written by Sara
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Your Mastermind Course must not contain statements that a client will expect a certain income if they join your training. Promises of individuals attaining a certain monthly income within a certain time frame of joining Your Mastermind Course or program, are prohibited unless you can prove that the typical participant can expect that result. For example, a claim that a client could make $10,000 in 2 months of joining your program is unacceptable unless you have documented proof that typical students see similar results.

Implied earnings claims are also prohibited. An implied earnings claim is one that creates a net impression that a student should expect a certain result, without expressly stating so. Consumer and personal testimonials are the most common types of implied earnings claims. You should only use customer experiences that represent the typical class participant. Furthermore, you should disclose any testimonial used in Your Mastermind Course that the experience you are sharing is more of an example and less of a guarantee of a result.

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