1. Accurate Information
Written by Sara
Updated over a week ago

Presenting accurate information depends largely on the impression we leave on our customers. When presenting our products and services we need to leave customers with the right expectations. If you promise someone that you will teach them how to become a good writer, your course should provide the best information about writing. The key is to deliver what you are promising. Be honest. Don’t use phrases that will create the wrong net impression. Clients will not be happy if you promise them a Porsche but deliver a Volkswagen Bug. Over promising and under delivering makes unhappy customers, who will want a refund.

There are several ways you can create the wrong impression including; A) misleading earnings claims; B) making undocumented claims; C) misrepresenting your product or service; D) providing professional advice without the proper license; and/or E) representing your product or service is easier to use than it is.

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