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Can I have a guest appear in my course on my account?
Can I have a guest appear in my course on my account?
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Guests may be presented as PART of your course.

  • They can not present a separate mastermind course using your account, but can be a supporting guest on yours.

  • The course has to be primarily your course.

  • You can have multiple guests.

    • For example you can bring together a collection of experts as your course

Does my guest have to be a member of

No. We welcome any guest or expert you want to share on your course.

  • If your guest is already an active member of the community, you can add them as an expert .Adding a Participating Expert or an Admin

  • If your guest is not a member of they can still join one of your mastermind course as a supporting guest and share some supporting information or expertise.

  • You will be responsible to ensure that anything a guest says or claims is compliant with the TOS, Code of Ethics, and any local/state/federal regulations.

If you are looking for information on who can present their course on your please go to the following article.

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