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Part 1: Powerful Hook

Without the hook, none of your copy will matter. So make sure you lead with an emotion-grabbing statement, question or problem that your ideal client will immediately relate to… so they feel compelled to read the rest of your copy to find the solution!

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Part 2: Why Now?

One of the biggest objections you will face with your potential clients is them saying to themselves “I’ll do it later.” Chances are, they won’t do it later. So explain why they MUST take action to enroll in your program NOW by showing them what will happen if they DON’T enroll today. That’s one of the most powerful things you can do in your copy!

We're at a critical point in history. So many people think they're on the "smart" path but here's the truth about creating next level success in 2021:

Stop trying to game the stock market or get lucky with "the next big thing"...

Stop waiting around for someone to come and save us because that will never happen...

Stop wishing the "good old days" would return because the world is different now and it's not going back...

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Part 3: Why You?

This is where you explain your mess, your experience, your story… tell your ideal client why you’re the perfect person to teach them about this ONE specific topic. If you can show them that you’ve been through the trial and error and you’ve discovered the quicker, simpler solution to a problem they are facing… they will be WAY more likely to buy from you!

Let's face it... chances are if you're reading this then you already know it's time to pivot and gain NEW capabilities because the world is shifting.

And here's why you're the perfect candidate to make this pivot in your life:

Because your life experience, your story, a mess you've been through or any skill you have is actually your secret weapon for THRIVING in the exploding "self education" industry.

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Part 4: What Exactly Will You Learn?

Provide an outline of your course here, but do it strategically… you want to list out your modules as “benefits” so your ideal client can see the “what” and not the “how.” People are far more interested in the solution than they are in the journey to reaching that solution… so make sure you focus on the outcomes they will get in your program and not too much on how they will get there!

You'll unlock Dean and our speaker's 3 step success blueprint for pivoting your life and career by taking advantage of the exploding "self education" industry…


If you don't believe your thinking has held you back then let me ask you this... Why has feeling like an imposter, inner self doubt, fear and the people around you already cost you way too much? How many opportunities have you missed in the past because of your thinking?

You know you were designed for more yet something is making you play small and hesitate from reaching your next level.

So in this one day event you will be ignited with an unstoppable mindset... while at the same time gaining your plan of attack.


Everyone wants to create next level success... but the sad truth is, most people don't know where to start or are following the wrong plan.

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And during this event you'll learn how to "course correct" by learning from those who have already pivoted and have forged a path for you to follow.


Knowledge means nothing without the right action... Learning isn't enough. That's why Dean and his guests are not only going to show you how to pivot into the self education industry but also focus on how to confidently implement and make it real.

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Part 5: Who Will You Learn From or A Letter From Your Instructor

This is your opportunity to write directly to your ideal client and show them your heart. This section can be combined with Section 3 (Why You) or can be a standalone letter where you anchor in why you are so passionate about this, why you would love to serve the person reading this and how you feel you can help solve a problem in their life.

As a serial entrepreneur and thought leader for over 30 years, Dean has identified one of his biggest unfair advantages to his success (both business and personal) was a unique journaling process focused on results in a crazy busy world.

Dean realized at an early age that complicated day-planners and confusing mobile apps actually add complexity to your life rather than helping you attain the goals you desire.

And that's why over the past year Dean has obsessed on every detail to design the "Better Life Journal" and expose his "Outcome Journaling" system to allow you to create a productivity process you can use every day to ACTUALLY get the results you want.

As someone who started from nothing who has gone on to have massive success and impact with his brands and his companies, create a thriving family and be in better shape at 50 years old than he was at 20, Dean credits "Outcome Journaling" as one of his secret unfair advantages. An advantage he shares with you in The Better Life Journal.

Part 6: When You Enroll Today You Get:

This is your value stack. List out everything they will get if they sign up now, including bonuses. And just like earlier, make sure you focus more on the benefits or outcomes, and not as much on the features. Then show them why this is such an amazing value, take the risk away by offering a money-back guarantee, and add in urgency or scarcity if you can to push them to act now (offer going away or limited space).

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Part 7: What Others Have To Say About Learning From XYZ

These days, people rely on reviews before they pull out their wallet more than ever before in history. So show your ideal client that they can trust you by letting others do the talking! The best testimonials are the ones that show your ideal client that you solved the same problem they are having, for another person. This proves your credibility in a massive way.

"When I was stuck wondering if this was for me, you reached our like an angel. Because of you and this community, I am more" -Lynn Simonato

"Thanks Luisa for encouraging us. You have a spark that ignite the sleeping power and the rest is history." - Raman

Part 8: Urgency - Why They Must Enroll Now

Like we mentioned above, urgency is an absolute must and might even be the single biggest factor in making an offer successful. People like to procrastinate but when they know they can’t, it pushes them to take action… so make sure you are being very clear on why they cannot afford to wait. This can look like a limited time offer, a limited number of spots in your program or even discussing the “pain” they will (continue to) be in if they don’t enroll now.

Those who wait around & think everything will be solved for them will either stay stuck in the same place... or get left behind because those doors will close while new and exciting doors open.

Which means for those who are ready to adapt, learn, grow... and PIVOT into an industry that is exploding with results right now...

There is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of this wave.

Most people don't even know the "self education industry" exists which means if you already do, or if you're willing to discover the success that's possible...

Then you have a massive unfair advantage that could allow you to be the genuinely GOOD person you want to be, without having to sacrifice your personal dreams or success.

But opportunity won't change your life. Only ACTION will...

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