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How to Create an Email Campaign on Mailchimp
How to Create an Email Campaign on Mailchimp
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  1. Go to and login to your account

  2. Click the Campaign icon on the left-hand side

  3. Click Create Campaign

  4. Click Email to access the dropdown menu and choose from the options below. For this example, I will be doing a Regular Email Campaign.

  5. Set your Campaign Name and hit Begin

  6. Add Recipients - choose from your contacts.

    Note: If you haven't added your contacts yet, please click here to know How to Add Audience/Contacts to your Mailchimp Account.

  7. Add From - Put the name and the email address to where the campaign will be coming from

  8. Add Subject - Set the Subject and Preview Text

  9. Design Email - Select from hundreds of templates you can choose from

  10. Once you're done, the Send button will be highlighted

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