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This walkthrough will help you navigate through Project Next

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On the upper left corner, you'll see the menu button where you'll be able to see your tools, modules, weekly trainings, etc.

  • Modules: This is where you can see all the titles of the modules you have to accomplish.

  • On-Demand Weekly Training: This is where you can see all of the recordings of Dean's weekly trainings.

  • Walkthrough: Here, you'll be able to see the walkthrough.

    **NOTE: is where you can create your own course/live mastermind/workshop.

  • Ultimate Edge: Inside the ultimate edge tab, you'll be able to see the Ultimate Edge audio recordings.

  • Success Tools:

    • Resource Library: Resource library will help you search for titles that you are looking for. You can also sort the titles by newest, oldest, title letter, and category.

    • Toolbox: The toolbox tab is full of different videos. Each of the different videos explains a "tool" or worksheet or method that you can use.

  • Community: When you click on community, it will lead you to DG's Facebook group where Dean can host lives and post. This is also where you can communicate with the DG community, ask questions, interact with each other, and many more.

  • Account: Inside your account, this is where you can your progress, achievements, course journey, settings, and certificate.

  • Logout: Lastly, clicking on logout will log you out of your account and bring you back to the login page.


On the upper right side hand of the page, there you'll see your course outline.

Your course outline is where you'll see your progress within the course. Whether you have completed the lessons and the quiz of each module.



If you have any more questions about Project Next, feel free to email us at

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