Below is a screenshot of what your new Mastermind homepage looks like! The improved tabs on the left-hand side will allow you to access many new and exciting items added, and are divided into three different categories.

Scrolling down will allow you to view even more exciting content!

Your Growth

Under this tab, you can locate the following options:

  • My Course - This area gives you access to the different products and courses you purchased or were gifted with -- (gifts such as bonuses like: Dean's Inner Circle).

  • Expert Entertainment - Here you will access replays from past expert trainings and can locate updates and ways to join upcoming trainings.

  • Business Builder - This option will take you to the software for creating and selling your very own product/course, and showcasing it to the world!

  • Private Community - Join the private Facebook group and connect with thousands of like-minded Mastermind members to share tips and ideas!


Under this tab, you have the following options to view:

  • Books - This area provides links you can use to purchase Dean's books and related books, with just a click of a button!

  • Journals - Here you can purchase Dean's Better Life Journals and add them to your tool-belt of resources for a successful and productive life!

  • Podcasts - Access podcasts from amazing speakers like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins and many more!

  • Health - In this area, we have shared our 'must-haves' for helping to keep your physical and mental health in check, so you can be as successful as you can be!


Under this tab, you can locate the following options:

  • Contact Support - Send our amazing support team an email for any and all questions or concerns you may have in your Mastermind journey.

  • Feature Requests - Share with us! Let us know if there are any features you would like to see implemented in future updates. We love hearing from you!

  • Help Documents - Learn the software with ease with the help of our articles written by our amazing team.

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