To manage the members of your organization:

Start by looking to the left-hand side of your screen and locating the Manage & Scale tab. From here, click on the Manage Members option.

In the Your Product Members area, you will be able to view the following: all of the members of your Organization, which Masterminds they have access to, how much they paid, their purchase date, and their email address.

Under the Product Member List title, you can also filter this entire list by the products you have.

To grant or remove member's access to your products, you would simply click on their name. (View screenshot below).

A few examples as to why the Member Access is used:

  1. If one of your members cancelled their purchase and you need to remove their access to the Mastermind and to your organization.

  2. If you want to show your product/course to someone, and need to give them the free access to view it.

****IMPORTANT**** After any changes, make sure to click the Update Membership button to ensure all changes have been saved.

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