***Important: Make sure that you have connected a Payment Gateway to your mastermind account (Stripe or PayPal Business).

In order to connect your Stripe or PayPal (Business) account, go to the left-hand side of the screen and locate the Get Paid tab (Note: you may need to scroll down). Once you find this tab, click on the Payment Gateways option.

Once on the Payment Gateways | Manage page, choose which payment platform option that you have an account set-up with (ex: Stripe or PayPal). Click on the corresponding button: Connect New Stripe Account or Connect New PayPal Account.

Next, you will be prompted to answer a few different questions onscreen regarding your information to connect your gateway!

Once the prompts have been completed, the email address associated with your payment platform will be shown on the list of your connected payment gateways.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to make any sales, make sure you have connected a Payment Gateway to your Mastermind account.**.

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