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Setting UP a "One Time" or "Recurring" Payment
Setting UP a "One Time" or "Recurring" Payment
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Your mastermind must be set to "Paid". You can do this by going inside the Edit Product Details page and scrolling down to find to the section labeled "Pricing Options". There you can find the 'Paid' option under "Paid or Free" as shown here:

Once you have completed the above steps, you are set to create your payment plan for your Mastermind. For this there are two options that you can go with, "One Time" or "Recurring".

For "One Time" payments, your customers will be charged a one time fee that you decide. You can do this is by selecting the "One Time" payment type and then setting your price in the box below. Please note that all one time payments require a minimum price of $1.00.

For "Recurring" payments, your customers will be charged the price you set at recurring interval type and count. The recurring interval count is the numbers of time you want your customers to be charged. The recurring interval is the frequency you want them to be charged: i.e. Day, Week, Month, Year.

For example, if you wanted to charge your customers $20.00 every month for 6 months, you would set the recurring interval count to 1 and the recurring interval to Month. You can see this set up in the example above. Please note that all recurring payment plans require a minimum price of $5.00.

If the Member of the Mastermind wishes to cancel within 6 months they will need to go in and cancel the subscription on their end. We do not have the ability to cancel a subscription after a certain amount of months.

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