Creating an Upsell

This article will help provide you with important information to know for setting up and creating an Upsell for your Mastermind.

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In order to create an upsell, you will need to have at least two Masterminds that are Live. These also have to have the same Payment Gateways connected to the Mastermind (either Stripe or PayPal). Lastly, you can also create an upsell for two Masterminds that are both free.

*NOTE*- They both either have to be paid or both have to be free.

Now for Creating the Upsell:

To begin, go to the left-hand side of your screen and click on the Brand Builder tab. From there, click on Create & Launch then go to Upsell pages. Then, click on the blue Add New Upsell button.

Next, on the Upsell page, you will be asked to fill out the required information.

You must have your Name, Product You Want To Use As An Upsell, Which Product Do You Want This Upsell After, Public Title, Subheading, Public Description and connect a customized Confirmation Page if you have one to be able to save your upsell.

You can also upload an Image or a Video to promote your Upsell. Keep in mind, your customers will view this page before purchasing your upgrade.


  1. List the Mastermind that you want to be used as an Upsell

  2. List the Mastermind that you want to be purchased first, and then followed with an upsell.

Once you have completed and filled out your Upsell Page information, click the blue Create Upsell button.

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