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Uploading Videos to your Sessions
Uploading Videos to your Sessions
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  • The video size limit is Maximum size of 1 GB (1000 Megabytes) ✔️

  • The format that are accepted are: .mov .mp4 or .mkv

Now we will go step-by-step for uploading your videos into your sessions:

  1. To begin, click on the Title of the desired session you would like to upload your video into.

  2. Scroll down to locate the Media section of your session-- this section will show three different options for you-- to continue with uploading your video, click on the Upload a Video button.

  3. After clicking the Upload a Video option, click on the gray box containing a cloud and arrow to access the pop-up menu.

    Please note: The Maximum size : 1000 MB.

  4. Continue by clicking on the Browse button, and locating and choosing the file you want to upload here.

  5. Once you have located and chosen the file you would like to upload, please make sure to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of your session, and click Update & Save.

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