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Everyone will have a default subdomain created that will match the original Organization created on the initial sign-up page.

To edit or change your subdomain, look to the left-hand side of your screen and locate the Brand Builder tab then go to Manage & Scale. From here, click on the Subdomains option to open the Subdomains | Manage section.

To edit your subdomain, go to the Manage & Scale tab and click Subdomains.

Once you are on the Subdomains | Manage page, you can start editing your subdomain! Click on the 'pencil icon' on the right-hand section of your screen, under the Actions title. You can also click the big blue button that says "Add New Subdomain" if you would like to create a new one.

Below your Subdomain list, under the Default Subdomain title -- this is where you will be able to switch between the subdomains you have created.

When you have typed in a new Subdomain, make sure that you click on the "Update Subdomain" button to ensure the change has been saved. When done correctly, you will receive a confirmation notification that says : Subdomain was successfully updated.

NOTE: Depending on the subscription you are subscribed to, it is possible for you to have multiple different subdomains. However, it is important to note that you may only use one subdomain at a time.

Note: You can have multiple subdomains depending on the Membership you have. However, you can only use one subdomain at a time.

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